she was as precious as a flower. growing wild, wild + free . . . 

If you have ever travelled out West, you will understand how this area makes you fall in love with it on a daily basis. The rugged landscapes are full of wide open roads and captivating views. I've always found myself drawn to these places.
After college, I spent a year living in New Zealand. I easily fell in love with the people, nature, and expanded landscapes it had to offer. If it wasn't so far away from my family, I would have stayed. Once I moved back to the states, I yearned for that love again. I packed up my bags from my family home in Minnesota and headed West. Within a week of leaving New Zealand, I found myself in the northwest corner of Wyoming and haven't looked back. 

Inspired by the mountains and the free spirit of the west, I started creating this jewelry.  I have always loved to create regardless of the medium. Funneling my creative energy into such a complex medium has brought me countless challenges, inspiration, and fulfillment. It is important to me to be able to create wearable art with eco-friendly, sustainable elements.  I enjoy creating with locally sourced feathers, leather, antler sheds, and spent bullet shells. I love how my work is always evolving with new elements provided by nature. Each piece is a reflection of myself and the inspiration of my surroundings.

Thank you for supporting this dream I call my life.   

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